Bus Contractors

We started with a simple idea: bus drivers deserve backup!

  • Live video and audio lets school admin help manage students
  • Admin alert/video bookmark button
  • Driver co-pilot: onboard directions, ridership display, and missed stop alerts.
  • Wifi to entertain riders
  • Better routing avoids dangerous intersections and prefers bus-friendly streets
  • Automatic notifications inform parents and students of estimated arrival time, so they are ready to go when you arrive

Did you know that driving a bus is the only time an education professional is advised to turn their back on a large group of children?

Most transportation departments struggle to attract and retain reliable bus drivers. Former drivers cite the challenge of managing student behavior as a top factor in their decision to quit.

School administrators often want to help but have limited tools. Most buses have cameras that are only used reactively in response to escalated incidents.

Transportant's live audio and video feed encourages school admins to proactively and randomly watch inside any bus in real time. Bus drivers have an alert button to get admin attention, and this automatically bookmarks that moment in the video archive.

Incidents can be addressed live or soon after students arrive at school.