Transportant Features

Transportant provides tools that work together to help everyone involved in pupil transportation.

Bus Compass Mobile App

Parents and students waste millions of hours waiting for unpredictable bus arrivals each week. Bus Compass helps parents and students more easily catch their bus and get updates without having to call the school.

  • View scheduled and estimated arrival times
  • Alerts when bus is approaching
  • Auto notify when estimated arrival time changes
  • Notification for substitute bus numbers.
  • Pickup and drop off notifications for parents
  • Handles families with many children
  • Appropriate access controls
  • 70% of grade schoolers have smart phones
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On Board Features

Wifi: Make student commute time more productive

Driver Copilot: new and sub drivers get turn by turn directions

Live Video: school admins can watch inside any bus

Driver's alert button: alert admins to address incidents real time

End of route occupancy clearing check

Fleet Dashboard

Transportation dashboard designed specifically for school administrators.

  • GPS tracking & location dashboard
  • Filter by location/school
  • "Late estimated arrival" triage view
  • Live and archived video
  • Real time broadcast audio
  • Customized Report Builder
  • Smart routing reduces costs

Secure by Design

  • Built by software security professionals
  • Strong multi factor authentication controls
  • Modern data encryption practices
  • Usage audit logging and security alerts