Make bus operations visible, measurable, and easier to manage.

Transportant provides multiple solutions in one low cost package that help reduce costs and improve attendance.

For Principals and Superintendents:

  • Easy location dashboard w/ all bus locations
  • Filter, sort, and triage by lateness
  • Mobile app reduces calls from parents asking about bus arrivals
  • Bus wifi gives students more study time
  • Live audio & video: watch inside any bus
  • Easy online video archive with history
  • Send recorded or live audio announcements to all or selected buses

For Directors of Transportation:

  • GPS tracking & location dashboard
  • Driver Copilot helps new and sub drivers know their route
  • Driver's alert button: notify admins to address real time incidents
  • End of route occupancy clearing check
  • Standard reports plus custom report builder
  • Track miles, fuel usage, vehicle speed, maintenance alerts