Job Openings

Transportant Automotive Electronic Installer

Effective 11 June 2019

Transportant is a Kansas City technology company providing modern software and electronic systems to help school districts, bus drivers, students, parents, and teachers optimize the school transportation experience. This includes providing high speed on bus wifi for students, bus status notifications to parents and students via a mobile application, cameras with live streaming audio and video, ridership tracking and management, and added safety sensors.

Transportant is seeking flexible part time team members in the Kansas City area to aide in the installation of our electronic systems into school buses. Exceptional candidates will be offered full time roles with the company.

We evaluate candidates based on their technical and professional abilities, and as such university degrees and certificates are welcome but not required.

The installed system consists of an external (rooftop) antenna, cellular router, dash mounted touch screen for the bus driver, and multiple cameras.


  • General mechanical ability and experience with hand tools
    • Wire cutters and strippers
    • Cat5 crimpers
    • Drill, screwdriver, socket set
  • Must be able to use a 15' ladder, lift 35 lbs, and sometimes make connections in tight locations
  • Frequent medium distance travel (such as driving to school systems in Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa)
  • Willingness to work outside (early mornings in the summer)
  • Some type of field service background
    • Working outside of a fixed workplace and with a higher degree of autonomy
    • e.g. cable install, lawn service, automobile, general maintenance
  • Working knowledge of 12v electric systems as found in cars (battery, wire, fuses, etc.)
  • Very basic physical computer networking (e.g. Cat5 cable termination)

Compensation is based on completed and high-quality installs, with a minimum expected earning target above $25/hour (quicker work means a higher effective hourly rate.) Transportant reimburses travel, lodging, food and other reasonable expenses.

Transportant supplies consumables for each install (e.g. cable, wire, wiring looms, fuses, connectors, and of course all electronics) but contractors must supply their own tools (approximate cost of $100)

Our mission is to create efficient and equitable access to education for all students, and we likewise do not discriminate in who we invite to join our team. We do not recognize boundaries based on political preferences, race, ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexuality, or other words humans use to separate.

Transportant fully supports the rights of reformed felons to participate in the workforce. However, this role specifically requires that applicants have the legal right to be present on school district property.

To inquire please send email to or call Jake at 1-402-782-5505.