The Entire Solution

One Simple Price - No Hidden Costs
  • Hardware Cost - $2,500/bus*
  • Installation - $600/bus**
  • Annual Subscription - $600/bus

*For 3 camera system.
Contact us for pricing for additional cameras.

**Plus travel fees

Total Cost Calculator

2021 Pricing

a solution . . . not just a product

The modern approach to providing value is not to sell a product and then forget the customer, but rather to provide a solution that grows more capable and valuable over time. 

This is Transportant’s approach. 

You will notice that we are not offering hardware and software, we are offering hardware and service. This means you will always have the most up-to-date capabilities.

Simple Pricing – That Means No Hidden Costs


One hardware price per bus includes everything you need, cameras, CoPilot terminal, fob/card scanner and central control and communication unit, the Attendant.


The subscription price includes evergreen services for Director Dashboard, CoPilot, Attendant and Bus Compass. It also includes the wireless connectivity required for fleet tracking with second-by-second GPS, live and historic video/audio, ridership, paperless pre/post trip checklist and unlimited Wi-Fi.


Price includes the installation. Travel/lodging for the installation team will be extra.


Imagine your ability to face any challenge when all of your buses are connected

"Transportant is the industry's only all-in-one solution. It gives us the fastest access to video when working with Parents on Student conduct. We solve problems much quicker and with less escalation. Its GPS tracking is uncannily fast and accurate."
Jeff Baird
Transportation Director, Liberty Public School District
"The Transportant folks have been there for us. They are always innovating and launching new features. Since it is an integrated solution I don’t have to talk to eight different vendors. Keeping track of Students and buses is a snap."
Ronna Blocker
Transportation Director, Seaman United School District