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In the News: Transportant and RWC Group Announce Collaboration for Safer Student Transportation

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared on School Bus Fleet.

Transportant, a provider of school bus technology, and RWC Group, a commercial truck and bus dealership serving five states, have announced a collaborative effort to supply schools with smart buses equipped with cutting-edge safety technology.

Martin Staples, CEO of Transportant, emphasized the significance of safe transportation for students: “A great learning environment begins and ends with a safe, efficient ride to and from school. We look forward to integrating the latest tools and technology into buses from RWC Group so that schools can better serve the students they are responsible for every day.”

Enhanced Safety Measures for Student Transportation

Transportant specializes in enhancing safety and efficiency for schools across the U.S. and Canada. Their system, integrated into a school’s existing transportation management infrastructure, provides real-time tracking of buses, student identification, and incident alerts. The system also features live camera and audio capabilities for proactive issue resolution, alongside driver aids such as turn-by-turn directions.

Robert Cunningham, president of RWC Group, expressed pride in their role in improving student transportation: “We make school buses smarter by integrating the technology, and schools can easily take it from there by downloading the Transportant command center to view and manage riders and their fleet from any device.”

Facilitating Integration and Maintenance of Advanced Technology on the School Bus

With Transportant systems already operational in more than 2,000 school buses across 14 states and 78 schools, RWC Group will facilitate the installation of the technology into new or existing buses. Additionally, they will provide maintenance services, while Transportant will offer training and customer support to schools.

Cunningham highlighted the advanced nature of the technology, particularly its efficiency compared to older systems: “This technology is by far the most advanced system for unequipped buses and those with older legacy camera systems that require physical removal of a hard drive or SD card from the bus.”

Staples stressed the importance of proactive safety measures: “There should never be a gap in the safeguarding of our children. Our phones are smarter than ever; shouldn’t our school buses be too?”

Key Takeaways

• The partnership aims to enhance safety and efficiency in student transportation.

• Transportant’s technology provides real-time tracking, student identification, and incident alerts.

• RWC Group will facilitate the integration and maintenance of Transportant systems into school buses.

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