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Monitor and React in Real-Time

Watch Live Inside Your Buses
Most buses have cameras, but their technology only allows Transportation Directors and School Administrators to review audio/video feeds long after the fact. At that point, it is too late to stop or de-escalate an incident.

Transportant provides the ability to intervene in real-time, not just investigate after an incident. You can connect immediately with your buses to see what happened not only in the past, but also what just happened and what is happening now. With Transportant’s live audio and video feed, Transportation Directors and School Administrators can proactively and randomly watch inside any bus in real-time.

Support for Your Drivers
Our system also gives bus Drivers an alert button to get the attention of their director or School Administrator, automatically bookmarking that moment in the video archive. This gives your Drivers a greater sense of control in managing Student behavior, thus helping to reduce Driver turnover.

On demand video viewing from any camera

• Live video

• Review Recent Video (today to the past 45 days)

• Priority Video Download (HD video download over 5G wireless)

• Scheduled Video Download (HD video download over Wi-Fi network)


• Digital Camera

• HD Resolution

• 175˚ Wide Angle Lens

• High Dynamic Range to improve video quality on sunny days

• Night Vision for low light situations

Connectivity and securing

• Power over Ethernet (POE) single wire installation

Wireless Offload

• 5G and Wi-Fi connectivity

• No SD cards or hard drives to pull from buses

• Priority software that protects against IP security vulnerability


Imagine your ability to face any challenge when all of your buses are connected