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Fleet Tracking

Know WHAT YOUR BUSES ARE DOING in One Quick Glance

When you operate a school bus fleet you are responsible for making sure the buses are where they are supposed to be and that they are there on time. Radioing the bus Driver to ask, “Where are you now?” is a wasteful and distracting activity. 

Real-time Fleet Tracking puts you in control

Easily and Confidently Respond to Concerns

With Transportant’s GPS Fleet Tracking, you have the information that you may need at any moment to address any concern a Parent or administrator may have concerning a particular bus. Whether yesterday or last month, you have access to location and speed of any Driver, allowing you full control when questions arise. 

Transportant's Fleet Tracking

• Location and speed is tracked with second-by-second GPS.
• Easy to use interface, select whole fleet view or select individual bus view.
• See live or historic location and speed.

• Routes can be manually entered or through an API (application programming interface) to your existing routing software.
• Routes are shared through nightly upload with Drivers electronically and displayed on their CoPilot terminal.
• New activity routes are automatically generated by clicking origin and destination points. They are then uploaded to the buses.

Imagine your ability to face any challenge when all of your buses are connected

"Transportant is the industry's only all-in-one solution. It gives us the fastest access to video when working with Parents on Student conduct. We solve problems much quicker and with less escalation. Its GPS tracking is uncannily fast and accurate."
Jeff Baird
Transportation Director, Liberty Public School District
"The Transportant folks have been there for us. They are always innovating and launching new features. Since it is an integrated solution I don’t have to talk to eight different vendors. Keeping track of Students and buses is a snap."
Ronna Blocker
Transportation Director, Seaman United School District