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Student Tracking/Tracing

Easy Tracking of every Student

The Most Important Part of Your Job Just Got Easier

Knowing when and where Students get on and off the bus is critical information for school bus staff. Your responsibility in tracking every Student at every moment they are in your care is a heavy one. That vital information is the foundation for maintaining a strong partnership with Parents/Guardians and School Administrators.

How it Works: Student Tracking/Tracing Made Simple

For each stop, the Driver sees a list on their CoPilot terminal of who is to be picked up and dropped off. Each Student has a fob or card that they scan (both entering and exiting), allowing the Driver at a glance to see which Students should be getting on or off at every stop. This gives everyone a real-time overview of exactly who is on the bus and who isn’t. It also gives the Driver the information they need quickly and easily to alert the Student who may not be paying attention that they need to exit at a particular stop.

Transportant allows you to easily and quickly answer the question of where any rider is, at any moment

Both you and the Parent or Guardian can have complete confidence in always knowing exactly where and when children get on or off the bus.

Imagine your ability to face any challenge when all of your buses are connected