Modern School Bus Connectivity

Transportant makes the bus experience better for students, parents, bus drivers, and school admins.

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Transportant packs on-bus wifi, cameras with live streaming video and audio, GPS location tracking, mobile apps for parents and students, and a co-pilot for drivers into a single inexpensive and integrated package.

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Mobile app shows when your bus will arrive. No more long waits outside! Free wifi.


Get alerts about delays or cancelations, and pickup/drop off notifications.


Live dashboard shows location and live video from every bus

Bus Drivers

Copilot provides turn-by-turn directions. Notify school admins of incidents in real time.

Students in the USA and Canada needlessly spend over 6 million hours per week waiting for their school bus to arrive.

Secure by Design

Transportant was created by accomplished software security professionals who set industry leading standards for information security and data privacy.

All Transportant products have a security-first architecture with strong access controls, appropriate data encryption, built in audit logging and reporting. Products are FERPA and HIPAA compliant.

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NAPT Business Partner: Proud Member 2018-19