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A True Story of Real-Time Technology in School Bus Incidents

In the world of school bus transportation, safety is paramount. Every day, thousands of children rely on buses to get them to and from school. However, accidents can happen, as demonstrated by a recent incident in the Liberty Public Schools district.

Within the last year, a car collided with a school bus and the driver left the scene. What could have been a hit-and-run incident took a remarkable turn thanks to Transportant’s cutting-edge technology. Cameras onboard the bus captured the crash and the dispatcher immediately notified the police. Within 17 minutes, officers found and arrested the driver.

This real-life incident highlights the power of technology in enhancing school bus safety. It’s not just about the students on board; it’s about safeguarding our communities and holding those who jeopardize safety accountable. To better understand how this incident unfolded, check out our infographic below, which details the timeline of events.

At Transportant, we remain committed to providing innovative solutions that make a real impact on school transportation safety. By investing in advanced technology and monitoring systems, we’re not only protecting our most precious cargo but also ensuring that our communities are safer for everyone.

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