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Giving Your Drivers All the information they need

The Driver’s CoPilot provides a host of new tools and technology to improve the Driver’s ability to deliver a safe and secure ride for all Students. Packed with information such as all necessary Ridership data, Turn-by-Turn Directions, Pre/Post Trip Checklists and an Incident Button to communicate back to Dispatch or Administrators.

The Driver CoPilot includes:

Pre/Post TRIP CheckList:

Eliminates paperwork and provides up-to-date information for maintenance and compliance. 

route selection:

All active routes are available on all CoPilots. This allows for last minute equipment substitution when mechanical or staffing challenges emerge. It also allows for activity routes to be downloaded as needed.


Students scan, swipe or tap to get on or off the bus.  Drivers know who is to be picked up or dropped off. The system will notify the Driver if the Student attempts to get on/off the bus at the wrong stop.

turn-by-turn directions:

The CoPilot provides turn-by-turn directions for the route chosen (activity or regular routes). This is particularly useful for activity trips and new or substitute Drivers. 

incident button:

When a Driver elects to push the Incident Button, Dispatch and/or Administrators are immediately notified through the Director’s Dashboard that an issue is occurring and the audio/video is bookmarked for easy retrieval.

Imagine your ability to face any challenge when all of your buses are connected