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West Des Moines Community Schools Achieves Perfect Drop-Off Record

In our ongoing series, we’re turning our attention to another esteemed district that has seamlessly integrated Transportant’s onboard tech solutions into their daily operations. West Des Moines Community Schools is a progressive district that recognized the importance of leveraging modern technology for student safety and operational efficiency. Dive in to learn more about their journey and the incredible strides they’ve made in school transportation.

District Name: West Des Moines Community Schools

District Contact Name: Robin Pickard, Director of Transportation

Location: West Des Moines, IA

Size of fleet: 54 buses

Something cool or interesting about your district 

West Des Moines Community Schools is no stranger to the limelight. A few summers ago, the district’s office staff created an engaging safety video that didn’t just resonate with their immediate community but went on to win the 2020-2021 Blue and Gold Award for school videos at the Iowa School Public Relations Association annual conference. 

The video garnered over 7000 views and attracted praise from across the country, including a touching call from a long-standing employee of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Why you partnered with Transportant 

The district reached a critical point where the status quo just wasn’t cutting it. As technology advanced around them, they asked, “Why can we track our pizza but not our students on the bus?” Their search for a comprehensive solution led them straight to Transportant.

What impact has Transportant made on your district 

The power of the Live video option cannot be overstated. With the capability to view incidents in real time, the district can now proactively address situations, even calling parents before a student gets home. The pinpoint accuracy of the GPS, coupled with the student ridership tracking, has been a game-changer. Celebrating the achievement of not dropping off a single student to the wrong stop last year, West Des Moines Community Schools credits Transportant for playing a monumental role in their success.

Are school buses part of your district’s safety plan? Learn how Transportant can help make your buses safer for students by scheduling a virtual demo.

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